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In Russia we do not have yet a National Technical Director. We have IVWF Members that are teaching our style. Some of them also teach Vovinam Vietvodao at the same time.

Our IVWF Members for Russia are:

Instructor : Fabritsin Evgeniy Alexadrovich

(Certified IVWF Instructor)

Novosibirsk Region, Siberia



Senior Instructor : Tatiana Pecheykina

Siberia, Novosibirsk


NEW: city of Saint Petersburg

Instructor Balakhnin Aleksandr Valerievich


International belt examination

Senior Instructor : Tatiana Pecheykina

Instructor : Samoshkina Yulya

Instructor : Semenov Oleg

senior instructor
Fabritsin Evgeniy Alexadrovich

Senior Instructor
Tatiana Pecheykina


balakhnin aleksandr representant saint petesburg
Instructor Balakhnin Aleksandr Valerievich


Photos album Integral Vovinam Russia

Fabritsin Evgeniy Alexadrovich
Instructor Fabritsin Evgeniy Alexadrovich in Novosibirsk Region, Siberia

saint petesburg russia
Instructor Balakhnin Aleksandr Valerievich in city of Saint Petersburg

News Russia

Russian TV Interview August 2017


Some moments of the Integral Vovinam International Seminar that was held in Sochi, Russia, last June 2016. Featuring the Masters Olivier Godefroid (Belgium), Oleg Petrakovets (Russia), Abdeljalil Benzaim (France), and Patrick Levet.

Seminar Russia 2016
Integral Vovinam Seminar
in Russia 2016











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