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The defeat of the French in May 1954 ended with the war, and as the result of this victory of the Vietnamese troops, a Convention was signed accoring the division of the country in two states: The North Vietnam, with a socialist democratic government, closely related to the Soviet Union; and the South Vietnam, with a Western type government.

But the North Vietnam army would not stop there. Their goal was clearly to expand in the whole country. Then started the conflict between North and South Vietnam, this one asking military help to the American Government.

Master Loc had to move down south
If in the entire revolution movement and the war actions were involved Vietnamese from all political parties and social classes, soon the Communist Party would do his best to stay alone at the head of the newly formed North Vietnam. As a consequence of this, and fearing to suffer what their neighboring Chinese had lived years before, hundreds of thousands of North Vietnamese fled to the south, wishing to live in the free South Vietnam. Master Nguyen Loc was in this number. Almost all his students followed him.

They started to teach Vovinam in the south, in the region of Saigon.

But, master Nguyen Loc became ill. His health got worse, and in 1957, Master Loc was not able to teach anymore. It was Master Le Sang who took his place and taught Vovinam.



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