The Vovinam of the 21st Century

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Our last new countrys members : Gana and Georgia

Improving Vovinam Together

Integral Vovinam is not the work of only one person. It's the gathering of many masters and instructors from all over the world... They want to continue the original work of Master Nguyen Loc: to apply new researches for a stronger Vovinam, a more effective martial art.

Vovinam is more than scissors
Vovinam is, and must be an effective martial art. Let's work together to give back to Vovinam the real image it should always have had.




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Wrestling rules

reglement vat
Vovinam Vat Rules

Seminar in Corsica 2018

1 World Cup 2018

seminar siberi
Seminar Integral Vovinam Siberia March 2018

seminar iran
Seminar Integral Vovinam
14-16 March 2018

fighting_rulesRules for integral fights 2018-
English version

reglement combat
R├Ęglement de combat 2018 - French version

Knife threatening in Brasil tutorial 1

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DVD8 "Long staff Vol.2"

Vat rules and regulation

Toutorial 41 Stretching (1)

Budo International Decembre
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Budo Magasin
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